Managed IT Services: How We Can Help

Cloud computing services are becoming a bigger component of how businesses and public institutions are using their information technology. Cloud services are now designed to meet and tackle numerous IT challenges. While there are various cloud computing services and functions, all of them have many shared featured features

What Does Cloud Mean?

Most people have heard about cloud computing services, but not all users are aware of their core features. The benefits of cloud computing are consistent through many services and industries. These include:

Hosting and Maintenance – With Westcoast Cloud Solutions IT, we manage all the necessary functions and resources to provide the adequate hosting capability. This saves you time and expense while minimizing excess maintenance compared to performing hosting on your own. The industries we have worked with include dental, CBD, manufacturing, healthcare, retirement homes, CPAs, accounting firms, and more. 

Web Interface – You can run many service functions, increase or decrease your service usage level, and manage other web interface functions without excess communication with the service provider. 

Increased Speed – Cloud provides fast and broad access to many technologies that can help facilitate innovation and initiate many processes. You can quickly access the resources you need to run computing, storage, and database services. The technology can be applied in fewer time and optimize the efficiency or your projects. 

Flexibility – Cloud computing does not require you to provision resources to manage high levels of business activity. Resources can be scaled as needed to allow for flexible capacity as business conditions and needs fluctuate. 

For more information about our cloud computing services and to learn about how we can help you, contact Westcoast Cloud Solutions IT today.

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