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Cloud security and cybersecurity may not seem related when first heard. However, cloud computing implies that you are trusting the security of your transactions, data, and information to a vendor’s own software and resources. Cybersecurity is essential in enabling your business operations to continue without being impeded by compromised security settings. 

More businesses are moving their computing and data to the cloud, which means there is a strong correlation between cloud security and cloud computing. It is even more valuable than businesses see cloud security as a medium to save costs and invest their resources in efforts more necessary to their operations. 

Cloud Security is Modern Cyber Security 

By 2018, over 96 percent of organizations utilised cloud computing in some capacity. In addition, cyberattacks have continued to be on the rise, as ransomware attacks have doubled between the years of 2016 and 2017. Cloud computing service providers such as Westcoast Cloud Solutions IT are working with the most recent software to improve security and making it easy for businesses to function. We have 4-5 years of experience delivering cybersecurity services in industries that include dental, healthcare, CBD, CPAs, accounting firms, manufacturing, retirement homes, and more. 

How does Cloud Computing Improve Security?

Cloud computing offers a new security solution for many small to medium-size businesses, especially those that are vulnerable to cyber or ransomware attacks. Cloud computing can improve overall security as the cloud possesses a more robust infrastructure with which to protect sensitive data. 

As cloud computing continues to advance its role in future business operations and functions, cybersecurity will grow to be a big area of concern as well. Cloud security represents the next step in order to protect large volumes of data while adjusting to the dynamically changing environment that the Internet can bring. Learn more about how Westcoast Cloud Solutions IT can help you and your business. 

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