An increasing number of small- and medium-sized businesses are realizing that they need good options to back up their data in case of emergency. Data backup is necessary to protect against malware attacks, accidental erasures, and even physical damage to computer hardware.

Westcoast Cloud Solutions will work with your business to determine your best options for data backup. The best solution for most businesses is cloud backup, which saves the time and money of installing an on-site backup server.

Advantages of Cloud Data Backup

It is important to note that cloud backup is different from the cloud storage that most people use. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other companies offer users a certain amount of storage space on their servers, such as Google’s ability to store documents and images in the cloud. However, this type of cloud storage is meant more for individual use than business use. Since the user is assumed to access the files much more often, fewer security precautions are employed.

Cloud backup for a business, on the other hand, packages your business’ data together and stores it in a secure server with extra security precautions, including encryption and firewalls. The data can be easily accessed if you need to restore your files, but it cannot be modified as easily as individual cloud storage, which is the benefit of archiving data through cloud computing in the first place. In fact, individual cloud storage should have its own backup if your company is using it.

The advantages of cloud data backup include:

  • It is cheaper than maintaining in-house backup.
  • Cloud backup is scalable; it grows to meet the size of your business’ needs. Even though more data volume means higher costs, most of the time cloud backup remains more economical.
  • Data management and IT support is conducted by the service provider, which saves your business the time and trouble of doing it on your own.
  • Your data is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Westcoast Cloud Solutions is experienced at setting up cloud data backups for small- and medium-sized businesses. Contact us to learn how your business could benefit from this essential service.

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