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Managed IT services ready to assist you from anywhere in the world! With a skilled team, years of experience, and research into how to better assist you and your needs, IT will be the last thing on your mind. Let’s get you focused on what matters and let us handle the rest.

Outsourced IT

Too busy to manage your business? We can help outsource your IT, providing you with access to greater expertise without having the potential human resource issues associated with new hires. Pragmatic and cost-effective, outsourcing with WestCoast Cloud Solutions gets you a better-optimized performance so your business doesn’t suffer from the lack of IT manpower, skillset, or experience, all while providing the flexibility to scale as your business demands.

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Supplemental IT Services

Already have an IT department? Even with a dedicated IT tech team, you may need additional support to manage the day to day IT operations you need to get the job done. We can help integrate new technologies and expand internal expertise to fill in the gaps in your IT department.

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Cyber Security

Worried about cyber breaches? Email is getting spoofed again? Business today lives in the cloud and mobile devices and is constantly evolving. This opens the door to new cyber threats such as email filtering, malware, and ransomware. We are passionate about using next-gen technology to strengthen your organization’s security posture in today’s volatile environment. How exposed is your business to cyber risks? You won’t know until you identify the vulnerabilities in your system. We can help by running a network/security/system/compliance assessment.

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Business Continuity

What is business continuity? You work in a digital world, so when your systems are down it can be critical because you can lose productivity, customers, and revenue. You can minimize cause and effect outcomes with one simple solution. We can help you design a business continuity plan to protect the backbone of your organization’s data.

New regulations, mergers, acquisitions, and growth spurts: Businesses evolve for a myriad of reasons, and their business continuity plan should too. WestCoast Cloud Solutions can help your company be nimble and responsive. Whether you’re a financial firm needing a new workflow procedure to address compliance, a healthcare company struggling with new HIPAA regulations, or a real estate brokerage requiring a transition plan to absorb an acquisition. Our team can help, call us today to discuss your business continuity plan.

Data Backups

Did your computer crash and you lost a day’s work? We have the confidence to focus on daily tasks and growth initiatives. A data backup plan is your best defense to protects your key assets. Our consultants are trained to give you the right data backup solution to fit your business needs on a budget that is right for you.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol

Is the quality of your phone calls getting on your nerves? We can help take telecommunications to the cloud by migrating it to a hosted environment. The only tangible equipment invested in are the phones. The provider is responsible for delivering service to all the devices including those in remote locations.

One of the main differences between traditional phone-based systems and hosted VoIP is that our hosted VoIP lives in the cloud. The investment and maintenance of the hardware/software are taken care of by the service provider instead of you. If telecommunication is not a core competency of your organization yet, we can give you the most innovative and robust feature sets of an enterprise-wide telecommunications system. Talk to WestCoast Cloud Solutions to see which VoIP is right for you.

Cloud Solutions

Is the cloud right for you? The cloud offers various services like storage, redundancy of your business applications, and much more. Data can be accessed anywhere and anytime, provided you have access to the internet. Although cloud services come in many forms, it originated as storage but has expanded to cloud-based email, servers, applications, and desktop. Famed for their innovative pay-as-you-go pricing model, this helps small/medium-sized businesses that don’t have the budget for enterprise-level equipment.

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