Cloud Backup Solutions

If you are still using an external hard drive to back up your computer, you may want to consider possibilities in which those devices may be lost or compromised due to a security issue. When these physical devices are lost or experience security breaches, you lose access to the data you have backed up. An online cloud backup service can provide added peace of mind since Westcoast Cloud Solutions IT has the technology and resources to provide secure data backup services. We host the data and applications in a protected environment that still enables you to access them when necessary. 

Data Recovery 

We have worked with a number of partners in the industries encompassing: dental, CPAs, retirement homes, accounting firms, CBD, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. In addition, we look ahead to potential, unavoidable scenarios in which data is lost due to natural disasters. We prepare your data for these events by storing them on a cloud-protected hosting environment so that you have peace of mind even for the most unforeseen of events. 

Virtual Cloud Server 

Westcoast Cloud Solutions IT also provides consistent networking support for cloud computing. Our technical team can follow-up with an overview of the most valuable data to be backed up on the virtual cloud server. We understand that cloud computing server security is one of the main priorities of having an cloud data management system. Our servers and data centers are regarded to be well beyond industry standards in data security, privacy, and confidentiality. 

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