The Microsoft exchange hack has affected thousands of users, which has largely been underreported by many media outlets. Microsoft announced that the exploit originated from Hafnium, a Chinese-sponsored group that attacked vulnerabilities in the Exchange email servers. 

The attack had affected not only just regular users, but also numerous organizations globally as well as up to 30,000 professionals in the U.S. The hack was claimed by experts to be thousands of times more damaging than the more widely reported SolarWinds hack. 

Cyber security experts from many managed IT service companies were not surprised about the minimal news coverage on the hack. However, it is important to pay attention because the attack has shown more light on how attackers are specifically breaching into sensitive servers. The exchange hack is another indicator of how vulnerable even the largest organizations are when targeted by skilled cybercriminals. 

No One is Safe from a Hack

Despite being the industry leader in accelerated cloud-based security efforts, Microsoft’s recent breach has revealed that companies still have a challenge in developing software with security. In addition, these large companies must have an actionable response plan to patch the latest vulnerabilities and loopholes that hackers can exploit. These plans include a reliable system to notify and alert users before they lose any sensitive personal data. 

Cybercriminals are Working Smarter 

With the increase in remote work, many cybercriminals are finding more innovative ways to exploit security holes and close the gap in cyber security technology. As a major business, it is important to recognize that cybercriminals are not simply just innovating, but also have more resources and space with which to plan out the specific attacks they intend to do. 

For any professional or business that is using Microsoft Exchange server, it is important to patch the system and look out for any signs of an attack attempt. In addition, system administrators are advised to update their servers and implement more stringit monitoring systems on a daily basis. 

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