With technology now being heavily integrated into daily life and many areas of work transitioning into the digital space, it is now more important than ever to protect important business and personal data from the ever-evolving threats of cyberspace. Cybercriminals view everybody as a potential target, whether it is a government entity, celebrity, or tech CEO.

Cybercriminals Continue to Evolve, So Should We

Local and federal government agencies, as well as cybersecurity agencies, are well aware of the continuous threats posed by cybercriminals. As part of an effort to raise awareness, October has been chosen as the month to bring attention to these threats and the risks they pose to both businesses and personal networks. October is designated as European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), and Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM) in the United States and Canada.

In 2020, the primary theme of CSAM in the US is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” With the message “If you connect it, protect it” which focuses on the increasing interconnectedness of the business world and world economy through the internet, especially with the additional challenges of COVID-19 driving more business activity towards the digital space.

Be Cybersmart

Internet-enabled devices continue to play a dominant and increasing role in how businesses conduct their operations as well as how people utilize personal services. Voice assistants see an increasing amount of usage and smartphones are connected to security cameras. Parents can have baby monitors connected to their mobile devices and tablets. Many things are available at the tap of a phone screen or click of a mouse.

ith all of these advances in technology, there is also a range of potential risks and avenues for cyberattacks. By being aware of how these devices impact our lives and what risks they carry allows people to anticipate them and prepare backup measures in advance.

By raising awareness of both these threats and vulnerabilities, initiatives such as CSAM and ECSM can help security companies and managed IT service providers do their part to ensure the online security of many industries. When everyone is responsible and contributes, it helps increase global cyber-immunity and prevents the chances of a major, catastrophic security breach.