Unless your core business is IT infrastructure, you should not be maintaining your IT services in-house. Your IT team should focus on strategic work to benefit your clients rather than maintenance tasks to keep the lights on.

Instead, take advantage of managed IT services and reap the following benefits.

Better performance

With managed IT services, you have access to regularly updated servers. Performance improves over time without needing to invest heavily in new hardware. Furthermore, IT service providers keep up to date with the latest tools and technologies.

Predictable costs

Costs become more predictable with managed services. Before signing an agreement, you know exactly how much you will spend over the next 12 months. You no longer need to account for overtime pay, repairs, or equipment replacement. Your service provider takes on that responsibility.

Better uptime

The cost of network downtime for medium-sized companies is around $20,000 per hour. A substantial portion of network downtime is caused by human error. Another primary culprit is equipment failure.

Managed IT service providers have a team of experts at their disposal. They are better prepared to prevent problems. If a problem is severe enough to cause service interruption, they can recover more quickly.

Proactive IT and Compliance

Managed IT ensures that you are in line with the most current privacy regulations. To remain competitive, service providers must proactively monitor changes in the corporate compliance landscape. As your partner, your service provider will let you know when regulatory changes affect your business and how to mitigate those impacts (such as what happened with GDPR and CCPA in 2018 and the upcoming CPRA in 2023).

Improved Security

With the move to remote work, users access your infrastructure from home, from the office, or from anywhere else. Many companies want to leverage cloud computing platforms to make this process more seamless.

However, incorrect cloud configurations are the second leading cause of cyber attacks, after account password compromise. Managed IT service providers have experts who make sure that users access your corporate infrastructure securely.

Managed IT services give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on serving your customers better.